Trekking shoes or trekking boots can be very expensive. They can range anywhere from Rs 3000 for beginner level low top shoes to upwards of Rs 12,000 for a high top shoe from an International Brand.

Before we actually shell out that much money, the thought that obviously crosses our minds is, “Is it worth it?”


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 If we’re going to be spending so much money on our trekking shoes, then it better last for a couple of years at least. Correct?

The life of a trekking shoe depends on many factors.

  • Trail running or lightweight shoe lasts for an average of 600 – 800 Kms.
  •  A midweight trekking shoe would last for an average of 800 – 1000 km.
  • And a heavy-duty trekking boot would last for an average of 1200- 1400 km.

Don’t consider just walking distance on the trail. Think about all the times the shoes are worn, like getting to the train or airport, walking around the campsite etc.

The first thing to note is, the price is directly related to the quality and the features of the trekking shoe.

A high-end pair of trekking shoes from a good manufacturer would definitely last longer than a sub 3000 Rs shoe.


Factors that Determine the Life of Trekking Shoe

  1. How often do you go hiking?

This is the first factor that determines the life of your trekking shoes. A life of trekker’s shoe doing 1 or 2 treks a year would be more than a trekker who does upwards of 4 a year.

  1. Duration of the trek.

If you live in South India and do more weekend treks throughout the year then it would last a lot longer.

But if you’re going to be doing more Himalayan treks which last for 7-10 days and cover more than 60 kms then they wouldn’t last as long. 

  1. Terrain

What kind of terrain do you go trekking on? Are you trekking through snow in Himalayan treks? Or are you trekking on hard rocks? Are you going to be trekking in the wet climates of Western Ghats with muddy surfaces?

  1. Care

How much do you care for your shoe? Do you wash and wipe away all the dust and mud after hiking in rain? Do you let them air out in the shade after the wash? Or do you just leave them in a corner with dust and mud, only to realize that it has been caked on when you pull it out for your next trek?

  1. Weight

The heavier you weigh, the more stress the shoe is being exposed to, which reduces the life of the shoes.

Now we don’t mean your weight only. You would also be carrying a heavy backpack with all your gear which increases the load your shoe is being exposed to.

  1. Quality

Are you buying a cheap pair of shoes or are you buying a shoe from a reputed manufacturer?


There are many factors that come into play. Now you see that it is difficult to put an exact number on how long your shoe would last. Think of it like buying a car or bike. If you put good oil, service it regularly, and drive at recommended speeds, it would tend to last longer.

What we recommend is take care of your shoes and use them appropriately, they will surely pay their price back in time on the trail.


If you know that you will be trekking over the course of next 5 years, what you could also consider is having specialist shoes depending on the treks you take.

We hope you liked this article and found it to be helpful in choosing the right type of trekking shoes.

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